Education is a one stop solution for all your needs when you are planning to buy an educational Franchise. We provide you guidance, information and proposals of best available options in your budget. Submit an enquiry and take a first step towards being an Edupreneur


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Start Your Own Education Enterprise

Education provides you with the perfect start to achieving your aspirations by owning a lucrative enterprise offering the skill development education. A bouquet of educational products and services from premium brands across the length and breadth of India and beyond enables you to start your business without any hassles.
You can connect with wide spectrum of business options in education and skill development for all age group covering toddlers to young career aspirants and adult education from the comforts of your home. Our team of expert educational consultants will connect you with the most appropriate brands and products matching your aspirations and help you establish your dream venture.
  • Fill up the Franchisee Enquiry Form and relax.
  • Our expert will brief you about the proposals in line with your choice, resources and budget.
  • Select your choice, and get connected to begin the dialogue.
  • Education helps you negotiate and choose the best option for you.
  • On top of it, we do not charge anything from you for these services
What’s more, we can also help you in finalizing the deals with franchisors, if you wish.
Specialists on setting up of the venture, interiors and other services can also be referred subject to your requirement.

Services For Buyers

Product Selection

If you are just planning to enter the education business but are not sure which product to go for, we help and guide you in selecting the product best suiting your market, area, capabilities and budget.

Getting Proposals

Just Submit the inquiry for the product you are interested in and our marketing experts will contact you with the best proposals suiting your budget, discuss the proposals, explain pros and cons of each company and will help you in getting the best deal. No more hassles of submitting multiple inquiries and contacting different companies.

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NOW No more hassles of searching multiple companies and products… just one enquiry and a lot of options to choose from.

Franchising is the most effective way for business growth. Finding the right business partners or franchisees has huge financial implications including branding, marketing, support material and other operational costs for the business.
Education offers complete consultancy and marketing services to help education businesses grow by enabling selection and appointment of eligible franchisees across India and beyond.
With our strong support team, online presence and in-depth understanding of franchising activity, we provide total guidance and hand holding to aspiring entrepreneurs to start lucrative franchisee centres.
As a Franchisor, you can rely on us for;

Service For Franchisers

Inquiry Generation

Education generates franchise inquiries for franchisors with our excellent online presence.

Marketing Support

We provide marketing services to the franchisers by handling the franchise inquiries, sending proposals, discussions and sales closing with our team of experts


Education provides consultation services to the companies pertaining to designing proposals, marketing activities , lead generation and post franchise support and services.

Franchising requires a lot of backend work and preparation before reaching out to prospective business partners. Education provides all round services to franchisor right from preparation of franchise offers, designing documents and proposals, planning of marketing activities, lead generation, franchise appointment and complete post franchisee support services.

360° Marketing Support

Range of marketing services and support offered by Education include Branding, Franchise Invitation, Inquiry Generation, Validation, Proposal Sharing, Negotiation and closing the deals to select the business partners for franchisors.

We strongly believe in providing value for money to our clients offering franchise in skill development and education domains. Our passionate team of experienced marketing professionals works toconnectprospective entrepreneurs and franchisors to benefit both.

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