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Helping the aspiring Entrepreneurs to become Edupreneurs by connecting them with the right franchisors offering tailor-made business proposals and easing the process of buying a new franchise.

Creating New Business Opportunities

March 2018
Education Franchisee.com is focused towards creating easy business opportunities by connecting the aspiring Edupreneurs to the franchisors offering flexible tailor made business proposals best suiting their needs. Easing the process of buying a new franchise , we have franchisors offering educational franchisee in all the budget range

Streamlining the franchisee sales

May 2018
Education Franchisee.com is the connecting link between the buyers and franchisors focused towards the objective of streamlining the franchise sales process. While it facilitates the buyer to get multiple proposals best suiting their need without going through the hassles of submitting multiple inquiries to different companies, it ensures the franchisor companies get marketing support by generating inquiries , giving their proposals to the buyers, explaining the same and closing the sales.

Our team Is your strength

March 2018
We have a team of experts having more than two decades of experience in marketing of educational franchisee . Every inquiry submitted at our website is handled by our experts right from the first call to understanding  their need, sending proposals, explaining, discussing and closing the sales thus facilitating the buyer getting best available option in his budget range. Our team also provides guidance in selecting a product best suiting your capabilities, location , market and budget and thus is an excellent support to people entering education business for the first time 

Substituting Your Marketing Staff

March 2018
For franchisers, we are the answer to the persistent question of getting good marketing professionals for selling their franchisee. Having a tie up with Education Franchisee .com you will be getting a team of expert marketing professionals with years of experience without actually appointing them on roll. Our dedicated marketing team will generate and handle inquiries, close the sale and have the franchise registered for you. Please fill the  Tie Up form by clicking here so that we can get in touch with you to discuss our association

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